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iMac iMac 21 корпусные детали
Комплектующие Apple Корпус Разное

Корпус Apple iMac 21 2009г Part Number(s) : 922-9794

Товар Б.У гарантия
Part Number(s) : 922-9794
10,000 ₽

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Состояние : Товар Б.У гарантия

Корпус Apple iMac 21 2009г

iMac 21.5" Rear Housing Unit (2011) : Grade-A

This is the Rear Housing unit for the iMac Aluminium 21.5", Mid/Late 2011.
This product includes the central airport antenna board and cable along with the power button and cable, but does not include any sensors, cables or the hinge or the Mains filter.

Condition : Grade-A
Grade-A means that although used, this part is in excellent condition for it's age and if there are any cosmetic blemishes, they will be very minor.

Part Number(s) : 922-9794

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